Classrooms With Epson Interactive Projectors
North Central College

Classrooms in the Wentz Science Center, Goldspohn Hall, and the School of Business and Entrepreneurship (BE) at North Central College come equipped with Epson, ultra short-throw, interactive projectors.

These projectors, in conjunction with a non reflective whiteboard, allow the instructor to control the computer by touching the projected image with an electronic pen. Users can also write or draw on the board, and save these annotations for reference at a later time.

Follow this link for instructions on the Epson interactive feature of these projectors.

For instructions on how to use Smartboard Notebook software on these projectors, see the Smartboard Instruction page.


Step 1 Turn on and log into the computer using your college login and password.
Step 2

Turn on the Epson projector.

Press the blue "Power" button on the Epson remote control.

The projector will automatically select the HDMI 1 input, so there is no need to change the projector input at any time.

Step 3

If the computer image is not displayed on the monitor and/or the projector, check the HDMI switch located inside the metal computer cabinet.

The small remote control is used to select the input and output sent to the projector.

To view the desktop computer, press #1 on BOTH sets of numbers (Output 1 and Output 2) on the remote control, while pointing the remote inside the cabinet.

Volume Control

HDMI carries the audio from the desktop or laptop computer to the projector. Then, the speaker bar amplifies the audio for listening in the classroom.

There are several items affecting the volume level, please check them all if adequate sound is not present.

First Check the volume on the computer taskbar. The volume should not be muted, and should be raised above 50 percent.  
Second Check the volume on YouTube or any other program you are using.  

Use the Epson projector remote control to adjust the projector volume.

The volume buttons are located near the bottom right of the remote control.

A level indicator will show up on the projection screen during volume adjustment.


No adjustments should be needed on the speaker bar, but occasionally, the settings are tampered with.



If all of the above are correct, and you do not hear sound, check the front of the speaker bar. Is the power on? A small light on the top right indicates the power is on.





If not, press the speakerbar control button furthest to the right to turn on the speakerbar power.

They are located on the bottom of the speakerbar.



Is the speaker bar on the correct input?

Press the second button from the right one time. Indicator lights will illuminate on the right side of the speaker bar. Select the top pair of lights.

  Connecting a
Laptop Computer
  It is easy to connect a laptop computer to the projection equipment in the classrooms.

Follow steps 1, 2 above, then continue with the steps below:
Step A Locate the loose HDMI cable on the top of the equipment cabinet.
Step B

Plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the laptop computer.

Depending upon the type of computer you have, an adapter may be needed to convert the computer output to HDMI.

It is generally up to the user to supply the proper adapter, but Audiovisual has a supply for one time use.


Step C

Wentz and Goldspohn

Use the switcher remote to change the input to show the laptop. Point the remote into the computer cabinet, and press #2 on both sets of numbers.

Classrooms in BE will detect the presence of a laptop and switch automatically.

This selects the HDMI laptop cable and sends the signal to the computer.


If the laptop computer is turned on and connected properly, and steps A and B have been followed, yet the image is not seen on the data projector, use the laptop computer's display toggle feature. These steps vary from manufacturer, but generally the external display port can be turned changed by holding down the Windows key, and pressing "P"

Then, select "Duplicate" from the menu that appears.

For Mac computers, open the display settings and make certain "Mirror Displays" is checked.

Step a When finished, press the blue power button on the Epson remote control two times.
Step b Log off the computer. Logging off will keep the computer powered up and ready for the next user to log in.  
    Revised 01-18
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