Fender Sound System

The Fender sound system is a portable, self-contained PA system with four microphone inputs and two auxillary inputs. This piece of equipment is perfect for amplifying the audio portions of videotapes and DVDs for group viewing. All of the necessary cables are stored inside the center section of the system.

Instructional Media does not supply microphone stands.


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Setting up the system

1. Unfold the sound system by lifting the buckles located next to the handle.
2. Separate the speakers from the center unit.

3. Open the storage compartment on the rear of the center unit.

4.Connect the power cord to the power port just above the compartment door.

5. Connect one speaker wire to the red speaker terminal on the center unit, the other end to a speaker. Repeat for the other speaker.
Videotape or DVD connections  
A. Connect a standard RCA type cable to the audio output plugs on the back of the VCR or DVD player (one for the right channel and one for the left channel).

B. Connect the other end of each cable to the corresponding Stereo 1 input plug on the Fender center unit.

C. Turn on the main power.

D. To adjust the volume, turn the main left and right dials clockwise about 1/4 turn. These dials set the volume for every input on the system. If you have more than one source connected (i.e. two microphones and a VCR) these controls will turn everything up or down equally.
E. Turn the dials labeled stereo 1 up until the desired volume is achieved. These dials only set the volume for items connected to the stereo 1 plugs.
F. Bass, treble and balance can also be adjusted by turning the EQ and balance dials for each input.


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revised 09-06