White Activities Center
Fireside, Banquet Room and Dining Room

The three meeting rooms in White Activities Center are fully outfitted with networked computers, data and video projection, DVD/VCR players, projection screens and microphones.

Each room may be used independantly for small meetings, or two adjoining rooms can be combined to create additional meeting space. Combining all three rooms allows for large events and is known as Centennial Hall. The equipment in Banquet Room or Fireside is generally used for events in Centennial Hall.

Additional microphones or audiovisual equipment may be requested for use in these rooms. Please contact Instructional Media for additional equipment.


Step 1 Power up the computer, monitor and DVD/VCR using the power buttons for the desired piece of equipment. These buttons are located on the front panel of each item.
Step 2 Use the projector controller located on the top of the lectern to power up the data projector. Press the "on" button and wait a few seconds for the projector to warm up.
Step 3 Select the source for the projector by pressing "PC" for the computer or "Video" for the DVD/VCR.
Hint If a small portion of the computer image is not seen on the projected image, press the "Auto Image" button. The projector will automatically realign itself.
Hint To block images from appearing on the projector - while browsing files or setting up PowerPoint for example - press the "MUTE" button on the projector controller. The projected image will go black, but the projector will remain on and instantly reappear when "MUTE" is pressed again.  
Step 4 Volume for the computer and DVD/VCR can be adjusted by pressing the Volume up and down arrows on the projector controller.

Please note: If there is no audio, contact the WAC front desk to turn on the amplifiers- they are located in a locked closet.

Computer volume may also need to be adjusted using the volume control located in the task bar of the computer - next to the clock.

Step 5

Press the button on the microphone base to activate the microphone. A small green light will appear when the microphone is on. Press the button again to turn off the microphone.

Microphone volume is preset and cannot be adjusted by the user.

Please note: If there is no audio from the microphone, or if it is not at the desired level, contact the WAC front desk to turn on or adjust the amplifiers.

Hint When the projector is not needed for a period of 15 minutes or more, please power it down. Press the Display "Off" button on the projector controller.

To Switch between the computer and the DVD/VCR, simply press "PC" or "VIDEO" on the projector controller.



Following a presentation, please turn off all of the audiovisual equipment.

To turn off the projector, press the "OFF" button on the projector controller.

Turn off the DVD/VCR and computer by pressing the power buttons on the front panel of each component.