Tascam MP3 Recorder
North Central College

The Tascam DR-05 is a portable MP3 stereo recorder suitable for recording music solos, concerts, choirs, and lectures.

Recording time is limited only by the size of SD card used.


Step 1 Turn on the Tascam MP3 recorder by pressing and holding the power button located on the front of the unit labeled "HOME."
Step 2

Press the red record button. The unit will go into record stand by mode - IT WILL NOT BEGIN RECORDING.

This mode is used to check the record levels. The meter should bounce into the 0db mark when sound is detected. If the level is too low (far left) or too high (too far right) press the double arrow left or right buttons to decrease or increase the record level.

Step 3

Press the red record button to begin recording

Step 4

Press the "HOME" button to stop recording.

To record another clip, press the record button again, check the levels, and press the record button a second time to begin recording.

Step A

Audio may be played back on the Tascam recorder using headphones or using the small, built-in speakers

Use the double arrow buttons to navigate to the proper file.


Step B

Press the play button to begin playback.

Volume can be adjusted by pressing the + or - buttons.

Step C Use the stop button ("HOME") to stop playback.  
  Transfer of MP3 Files  
Step a

Plug the supplied USB cable into the recorder's USB port - located on the side of the unit.


Step b

Connect the other end of the USB cable to a computer.

The recorder will be recognized as a mass storage device.

Use Windows Explorer (PC) or a new Finder window (Mac) to copy the files from the recorder folder to a folder on the computer.

Never use the computer to delete the files from the recorder - always use the recorder's delete function.

  Deleting Files  
Step aa

Once the audio files have been transfered to a computer, you may delete them from the recorder

In standby mode, navigate to the desired file using the right and left double arrow buttons.

Step bb Press the "Quick" button located on the control ring on the front of the unit.
Step cc

Choose "delete" from the menu that appears on screen by pressing the center arrow button.

Confirm your choice.

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