Connecting a Laptop Computer
To a Classroom Data Projector with Manual HDMI Switch

All North Central College classrooms and meeting rooms include an aux cable to connect laptop computers to the ceiling mounted data projection systems.

When connected, the laptop image replaces the desktop computer image on the projector. If connected, the audio from the laptop computer will also switch over and play on the classroom speaker.

The manual switch is used in the Wentz Science Center, Goldspohn, and Kroehler.

Please do not unplug ANY cable from the back of any classroom equipment or from the connection plate on the wall.


Step 1 Turn on the laptop computer. If it's a college laptop, login using your username and password.  
Step 2

Turn on the classroom data projector using the projector's remote control.

Press the "ON" or "Power" button


The data projector defaults to HDMI 1 when turned on.

If another input is displayed, use the remote control and change the input to "HDMI 1"


Step 3

In the majority of classrooms, a cart similar to the one shown at the right is used for the desktop computer.

An HDMI cable is available for laptop computer connection. It is generally located hanging off to the side of the equipment tower.





Step 4


Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on your laptop computer. An appropriate adapter may be needed for your particular type of computer.
Step 5

Use the small remote control located on the equipment tower to change the HDMI input from "1" to "2".

Open the cabinet door and aim the remote at the switch, which is usuall located on top of the computer. (see image below).


Pressing the top group of buttons, changes the input of the desktop monitor.

Pressing the bottom group of buttons, changes the input of the data projector.

Press "2" on the bottom group of numbers to display the laptop on the data projector.

Press "1" to show the desktop computer on the projector.

  The switcher is located on top of the computer, inside the equipment cabinet.

Once connected, the computer and display will communicate, and the laptop image will replace the desktop image on the data projector.

If this does not occur within 20 seconds, check the cable to make sure it is seated correctly.

Depending upon your computer, you may need to "turn on" the external port on your computer.

    Revised 07-12
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