Kodak Play Full, Flip Style Video Camera
North Central College

To capture video quickly, and easily transfer the files to a computer for editing, the kodak Play Full, flip style video camera is available for check out.

The Kodak video camera captures full motion video and audio in MPEG4 format. It quickly connects to a computer via a built-in USB connection.

The camera can be used hand-held, or attached to the small tripod provided. Video files can be dragged to a computer for editing in Windows Movie Maker or any other video editing software available.


Step 1

Turn on the Video Camera by pressing the power button located on the side of the camera.

Step 2

The rear display is a preview monitor, and will indicate how much record time is available on the internal hard disk. Over 200 minutes can be recorded in HD, 120 in full HD.

To begin recording, press the "OK" button. A time counter will be shown in the display above..

Remember to hold the camera sideways, in landscape position to record video, otherwise the video will be tall and narrow, not full screen.

Step 3

To stop recording, press the "OK" button again. The camera will go into record pause mode.

Continue recording by pressing the "OK" button. A new video file is created each time recording is started.


To review the videos on the internal hard drive, press the play button (arrow button); the camera will go into playback mode.

Navigate through all of the videos by pressing the left and right arrow buttons surrounding the "OK" button.

Stop on the desired selection and press the "OK" button.

  Uploading Videos  
Step 1 Plug the supplied USB cable into the USB port on the side of the camera.

Step 2

Plug the USB connection into a computer.

Use Windows Explorer on a PC or a new Finder window on Mac to browse the Camera's memory. It will show up on the computer as a drive letter, just like a USB flash drive.

Copy the desired video files to the computer for editing with Windows Movie Maker, or iMovie.

Hint Always copy the video files to your computer for editing. Never keep the camera connected to the computer when editing.  
  Deleting Files  
Step a

Following the successful transfer of video files to a computer, the files can be deleted from the Kodak Play Full Video Camera.

Press the play button and browse to the file you wish to delete.


Step b

Press the trash button and a menu will appear asking to delete a single file or all of the files.

Follow the on screen commands to delete one or all of the files.


Revised 12-15
Photos by Brandon Barnes

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